Our Mission, Vision & Values


Hospice of Murray County is a unique part of the health care community.  It is a free-standing, community based, non-profit organization.  Hospice of Murray County is devoted to providing hospice services to patients and their families with comfort, compassion and dignity during the end stages of life.


VISION: Our vision is to ensure:

  • The individuals and families we serve experience quality care, physical comfort, compassionate service, a sense of emotional and spiritual well-being, and peace of mind.
  • Teamwork between patient, families, medical, partners, hospice staff, volunteers and community.
  • Hospice of Murray County provides a specialized form of care for people with terminal and life-threatening conditions.


VALUES:  We value:

  • The right of every patient to receive quality medical care that is consistent with their values and preferences.
  • Excellence from a highly motivated, competent and empowered staff, volunteers and board members.
  • Respect, honesty, integrity, confidentiality, trust and professionalism.



We are committed to protecting our patient’s privacy and confidentiality.  All patients  are required to sign a confidentiality policy.