Our Volunteers are the heart of Hospice.  Each volunteer makes an enormous difference in our patients and their families lives. We appreciate all of the time and energy volunteers give to Hospice of Murray County. Each patient and family brings a unique array of emotional, physical, social and spiritual needs. Our Volunteers join with staff to ensure that all patients and family needs are being met.

  • Listen with your heart
  • Write a  Letter
  • Assist with light Housekeeping
  • Read a Story
  • Offer Support
  • Share a Prayer or Scripture
  • Providing a Break for Family Members and/or Caregiver
  • Sit Quietly and Hold a Hand
  • Listen to a Lifetime of Memories

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Our Mission, Vision & Values


Hospice of Murray County, a unique part of the health care community, is a free-standing, community based, non-profit organization.  Hospice of Murray County is devoted in providing hospice services to patients and their families with comfort, compassion and dignity during the end stages of life.


VISION: Our vision is to ensure that:

  • The individuals and families we serve experience quality care, physical comfort, compassionate service, a sense of emotional and spiritual wellbeing, a peace of mind in a way that enriches their lives.
  • Teamwork between patient, families, medical, partners, hospice staff, volunteers and community.
  • Hospice of Murray County is a specialized form of care for people with terminal and life-threatening conditions.


VALUES: We value:

  • The right of every patient to receive quality medical care that is consists with their values and preferences.
  • Excellence from a highly motivated, competent and empowered staff, volunteers and board members.
  • Respect, honesty, integrity, confidentiality, trust and professionalism.


Patient confidentiality

We are committed to protecting our patient’s privacy and confidentiality.  You are required to sign a confidentiality policy


If you have any interested in becoming a hospice volunteer there are many different ways you can volunteer and make a difference!! For more information on volunteering please contact hospice at 836-8114, by e-mailing  Joanne.Schumacher@hospiceofmurraycounty.com, or fill out the form below.


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